The ‘skinny’ on Skinnygirl

“This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

Let me take you on a quick journey of my crazy snacking patterns for a week…

It’s 2:55pm on a Friday afternoon. I’ve been working at a steady pace all day, but the weekend is in my sights and I’ve got a 90-minute meeting standing between me and freedom. I need something to keep me awake and alert, but also somewhat discreet and appropriate for an important meeting. And I’ve got just the thing…

Welcome into my life Skinnygirl! These Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffles were the first lovely treats I got to try…  and they spread like wildfire at my office once people saw me indulging. At only 100 calories a pack, it was the perfect little snack… and exactly the perfect serving size. 

Suddenly, I’m alert and happy in the middle of the meeting, and not counting the minutes until dinner.

10:30am on Monday morning. Since I started working out in the mornings, I’ve really needed to keep snacks all around me so that I don’t melt into a crazy hangry Kim. And while stocking up on apples and water works most days, it’s nice to have some other snacks around the office and home to keep things fun and exciting.

That’s where trying out a cup of freshly brewed Skinnygirl Sangria Hibiscus Herbal Tea helped kick in! See… I’m supposed to be limiting my caffeine intake and stay away from coffee on workout days, but sometimes I just need something hot that smells delicious and tastes good. So instead of plopping in a K-Cup of coffee… it’s this little K-Cup of tea! It was the perfect hint of sweet and fruity that I needed!

5:35pm on Tuesday night. I’m leaving work and jumping in the car for the ride home. It’s about 100 degrees outside and 110 inside the car… and all I want is something cold and refreshing! And unfortunately for me, there are about 3 coffee joints and 3 fast food stops on the way to pick Miss L up from camp….

So instead of stopping by quickly for ANYTHING cold, I grabbed a Skinnygirl Sparklers bottle I kept in the office fridge on my way out of the office. These are so yummy and full of flavor for only 5 calories and they’re all natural too! (p.s. You can order them online at drinkarizona.com after November 25th)

12:15pm on Wednesday afternoon. It’s lunch time and I’m treating myself to a delicious Mexican monstrosity of calories thanks to the morning workout and a giant desire to faint just a few minutes earlier. And I need water… lots of it. But sometimes drinking water is just boring, which then results in me not drinking it.

This time around I decided to throw a little bit of White Cherry flavored Skinnygirl Liquid Water Enhancer in the water… and magically I’m guzzling it down. Hmm… guess we’ll keep that around too!

2:00pm on Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t a workout day, but it was one of those where I went out to a quick and early lunch, and I’ve still got some pangs of hunger in the afternoon. Time to reach in my purse and try out the Skinnygirl Lemon Lime Sugar Free Mints.  I loved these mints because of their fun flavor: lemon lime! And the little tin was the perfect size to keep in my purse all the time.

And that friends… is what you call a good snack week! I wasn’t really expecting to fall in love with all of these Skinnygirl products, but in the end it was the taste that really won out. I mean, as long as it’s yummy, I’m in.

Let’s be honest… anyone that includes chocolate truffles as a snack gets a merit badge in my book!

Look for Skinnygirl products in your local area using the store locator and go treat yourself to some snacks!!!