• family

    goodbye Lincoln

    Life isn’t always full of puppy dogs and rainbows. But when it is… it’s amazing. And when that puppy dog goes chasing after the end of the rainbow way too early in life… well… it’s really hard to accept.

  • crafty

    Unicorn Hot Chocolate Valentines

    This year, Miss L went for unicorn themed Valentines… complete with a DIY Unicorn Hot Chocolate kit! I’d showed her some photos of the ridiculous Unicorn Hot Chocolate from Creme and Sugar in Anaheim back in January, and she asked…

  • family

    yippie ki-yay christmas 2016!

    Wishing you a better holiday than Hans Gruber! Holiday Movie Themed Card #7: Die Hard Past Movie Themed Christmas cards: 2015: A Christmas Story 2104: ELF 2013: It’s a Wonderful Life 2012: Home Alone 2011: How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2010: Gremlins