On Wednesday night, Mr. M and I dragged ourselves out of our pj’s and made the trek to the Blue Light in Sac-Town. We used to be hip, but sadly we’re old now and get grumpy past nine. Plus we don’t really know our way around the socially awesome spots yet and really haven’t tried to either.

So what got us to “dress up” and get in the car at 8:45pm? The one, the only…. Eric Hutchinson. We fell in love back at Mr. M’s first west-coast G. Love concert at the HoB on Sunset. Eric joked his way into our hearts and we bought the CD that night. And then we bought the next one. And then we shared with our friends. And then…. perezhilton discovered him and suddenly the boy got himself a record deal with Warner Brothers.
We chatted with his record rep Anna and brought two fans that Mr. M exposed to Eric Hutchinson way back as well. They adored him… and he’ll be a concert legend soon enough. Seriously. Somehow he goes from being unknown to being a star during each of his shows.

Here’s a snippet of my favorite song:
(video removed for now)

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  • hutchead

    Hi Kim, what songs did he play? I have started up an Eric Hutchinson fansite and it would be great to have you post a little review. We are trying to make a place where all the hutcheads can come together as fans. Check it out sometime.