pinkberry unlimited

Last night, I had the pleasure of stopping by a long-awaited (thanks to viscous rumors from my dear pal Cathy) new yogurt shoppe here in SacTown:  yogurtagogo.

Essentially — this spot serves up tart Pinkberry-esque yogurt, lets you choose whatever and however many toppings you want, and charges you by the ounce. So utterly perfect. If you want 3 pieces of kiwi but 10,000 chocolate sprinkles… it’s all there at the end of your spoon with no judgement passed. Plus, there’s no hole in the middle of the yogurt you just paid $5 for… and in tough economic times, no one can stand for the hole.

It’s dangerously only blocks away from my office… which means I may soon be emphasizing a yogurtagogo diet for my mid-town lunch. I like the sound of that!

p.s. my toppings of choice: kiwi, mango & Captn’ Crunch.  Yet… since I could expand my toppings past 3 options, last night I threw in coconut & rainbow sprinkles. THE MADDNESS!


  • aimee

    I’m a little behind the times for commenting, but have you been to Mochii yet? It’s on 16th and P, and insanely delicious. Though maybe I am just the last person in Sacto to get on the bus…

    Big Spoon also has Kiwi Strawberry right now, which is y.u.m.m.y!

    I will have to try yogurtagogo–next week my office is moving to 13 and I–conveniently close. :)

    (toppings for me: tiger’s blend mochi squares at Mochii, and mini gummi bears and sno-caps at Big Spoon)

  • kim

    I’ve been to Mochii… which would satisfy my PB cravings, but my $5 goes much further over at GoGo. :)

    Oooh… you’ll be quite close to everything… once this heat dies down. My office is 2 blocks over and 3 blocks down, so needless to say, I’ve got a punch card and they know me by name now.