are you a feed reader?

I’ll admit that I’m horribly addicted to reading blogs. Crafts, technology, the weather, everything. In fact, my Iphone even reads blogs!

But I have a severe blogging downfall… I’m hideously bad at leaving comments. I’m a FEED READER thanks to the invention of Google Reader, but in order to leave a comment, I need to click three times and sometimes that’s one click too many.

Rest assured, I’ll never have this problem again!  Hello gReader!

This handy Firefox utility helps you post comments from within Google, without needing to ever open up another tab or window ever again!

Here is a handy set of instructions from TechMalaya.com on how to utilize this amazing add-on:

How to Post Comments In Google Reader

A simple question deserved a simple answer. Use the Better GReader Firefox extension!

1- First, you need to make sure that Mozilla Firefox is already opened.

2- Install Better GReader Firefox extension from here. Follow the installation instructions on the page.

3- Restart Firefox browser to activate Better GReader.

4- Access Google Reader with your Google account.

5- From the default “List View“, expand a post to view a sample post. You will see a “Preview” button at the bottom of the post.


6- Click the “Preview” button to open the original post within Google Reader. Now you can leave comments without leaving the reader!

7- (optional) If you want to “Preview” a post automatically within Google Reader without the hassle to click a button, check out the Better Greader settings page – Tools -> Add-ons -> Better GReader -> Options. On the General tab, make sure you tick the “Preview item (automatically)” check box.