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light bulbs

At the same Anthropologie store, Mr. M immediately found himself drawn to this display of lightbulbs. I had explained to him a bit about my desire to create a unique chandelier for the craft room, and I saw his eyes light up when he saw this.

The store employees used wire grates and emptied hundreds of  lightbulbs. Then, they selectively spray painted some in metallic hues (either all the way or halfway), and left some lightbulbs in tact. All were suspended by metallic wire from the grate, and it made for a highly impressive display.

I could see something like this working really well in an urban loft setting, or perhaps a very modern dining room… could you see it in any home?


  • Anne K. in L.A.

    I found this blog from Weddingbee. I loved your posts there and you inspired me to buy my Gocco.

    I love the light bulbs. I think it would work well for a craft room. Then, you can adjust and vary the lighting as you need them for your projects. I have read that if you used energy-saver and incandescent bulbs, it simulates daylight.

  • kimberly michelle

    Aww thanks for coming and visiting! I hope you still love your gocco as much as I love mine!

    And thanks for the great tip on the light bulbs! I’d love to be able to get lots of natural light in that room, as it’s on the side of the house and not apt to enjoy any direct sun. I’m really excited about designing my lights… we’ll see how it goes!

  • Anne K. in L.A.

    I love my Gocco. I’ve only done simple one color designs. I haven’t quite ventured into two color yet. I’ll get there:)

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your lights.