not baking but smooshing

Last night, in honor of Mr. M’s b-day, I wanted to make some fresh strawberry ice cream. Sadly, there was a run on fresh cream in our local area, so I had to adjust my plans accordingly.

Quick thinking led me toward something simple but oh so yummy, and I assembled the ingredients below:

That’s right… homemade ColdStone/MarbleSlab/MaggieMoo’s/etc. right in the comfort of our own personal kitchen. I whipped out our trusty Chill-It Marble Ice Cream Set and got to work on paddling and smooshing.

And here was the final product. Sure, no other crazy add-ins… but much better than the 5 cookie dough chunks that come in Mr. Ben & Mr. Jerry’s cups. And that new brand of Archer Farm’s ice cream… quite fabulous.