what’s on my desk … 10.01.08

UCLA Pennants by you.

All that’s left on my desk this week are some scraps of felt. That’s because I just finished making a very inpromptu decorative banner for my craft room.  I just happened to be staring at my extra pieces of felt and wondering what I could form with them, and I felt an urge of school cheer. I’m beginning to think that I really do bleed blue and gold… or at least buy only those colors!

UCLA Pennants by you.
[pennant in the craft room]

And here’s the finished product! All it took was some Heat N’ Bond, felt, thread and ribbon. I printed out the letter pattern (the font I used was Freshman) then cut them out to use as templates. Then, I cut appropriately sized rectangles of Heat N’ Bond for each letter and ironed it to the felt. To trace the letters, I arranged it backwards and traced with a pencil before cutting it out. The Heat N’ Bond REALLY helps to stiffen the felt and makes cutting hard edges quite easy. Once the letters were cut, I ironed them onto the pennants I had cut and simple stitched the edges for effect. :)

[on my desk Wednesdays]