if all else fails, try wood

IMG_0786 by you.

After “rearranging” our master closet on multiple occasions, I decided that that answer did not lie in the color order or arrangement of the clothes. My problem was the hangers.

I set out to fix this problem via IKEA, with a plan to slowly but steadily purchase packages of BUMERANG clothes hangers until our needs were met. I bought the unstained hangers for myself, and Mr. M got the darker stained hangers. I also loaded up on skirt and pants hangers, which will allow some of those things to leave their wrinkled confines of the dresser.

I was only able to tackle my “coats” section of the closet, and Mr. M still has pants left to hang… but it’s already looking ridiculously pretty in that “room.” If only I knew that hangers were the answer earlier…

IMG_0787 by you.


  • StefK

    For my 16th or 17th birthday one year, I got on a pretty funny “organization” kick and asked my grandma to only buy me hangers for my birthday. I got like 200 super high quality plastic hangers and was THRILLED. The mister and I also dropped a chunk of Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift card wedding moo-lah on some hangers recently. Good hangers help A LOT! Your closets look great so far! :)

  • Stacy

    We use wood hangers, too! But, after we used all of them and saw that we had a whole lotta of clothes to hang, we had to resort to our colored plastic hangers. Boo. Hopefully, we’ll get more wood hangers and replace those 80’s plastic hangers.

  • Tara

    Mr T is soooooooo with you on the Ikea wood hangers. He won’t use anything else! Meanwhile, I stick with plastic because they’re slightly thinner and I can cram more of them into my teeny, tiny 1910s closet. :(