let there be lights


Mr. M was quite lucky to grow up next to the city that celebrates the advent season like no other: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And one of the Christmas traditions that we’ve started at our house involves Moravian candles. Everyone just uses the electric candles as decoration, but places them in the center of every window in their home.

Now, our home does not exactly have the classic charm like the gorgeous stone facades and Victorians in the Lehigh Valley, but we grabbed ourselves some candles anyhow… put 6 of them up and and now need to figure out how to get the 2 solar operated ones up to the left top windows.
So I present to you… the M family’s first Christmas house lighting:

Maybe next year we’ll get adventurous and climb up on the roof :)


  • Julie

    I never knew the candles were geographic — is it really not a common thing in CA? Growing up, everyone around me had them so I just presumed it was more of a universal Christmas decoration along with lighting the tree, and not a central/eastern Pennsylvania thing…