the first tree

Thanks to a small stop at Lowe’s on Saturday, we have our first tree up in the house! If you didn’t know already, they’ve marked down all of their holiday decorations (indoor/outdoor) to 50% off… and some items rang up for even less than that… like our bargain of a 7.5′ tree at 75% off!

While we don’t have too many ornaments saved up, I had a small collection to decorate an apartment tree from a few years back. So, we jumped off of that theme and bought 48 more blue/gold balls at Lowe’s and trimmed the tree with pretty metallic blue, gold and silver metallic colors.

It’s sitting in the entry room, but you can see the lights on from the living room as well.

IMG_0848 by you.

There it is! Our first tree… sparkling up the house with Christmas cheer! Now why can’t we have these up all year round again?


  • Kim

    Beautiful. It’s a truly lovely tree, too. It’s very realistic looking. What a deal for a tree BEFORE Christmas.

    I was shocked at how good of prices were at Lowe’s already. I just got our garland there for the fence. The economy must really be affecting retail stores because most stores already have their Christmas stuff at 50% off or more.

  • Cathleya

    What a steal! Mark’s dad and stepmom got married around Christmas at home and put up some decorative garland on their bannister… that didn’t come down for almost 10 years. It looked great with their red accent wall. I’m just saying… people do have it up year round (and then some) :)

  • Stacy

    I can’t believe they’ve marked their holidays decor 50% off!! Freak, Freak, Freak!!! And, that you got your tree at 75% off. Wow, you guys are so lucky!!!!!!!! Your tree is beautiful, too! Love the decor you guys bought, too!