need a bag? 60% off!

Need a bag for any reason? Laptop? Luggage? Umm…. pencils??? Casauri is having a 60% off Valentine’s Day sale that ends today (coupon code: LUV60) on everything on their website. I own the spiffy blue laptop bag above… it got me through graduate school with an extra bit of fun, and I always got great compliments on it with questions about where I bought it!


  • Julie

    Wow! 60% off — what a great deal! Thanks for posting — I just picked myself up the Weekender Carry-On bag… this will be perfect once my husband moves away and I’m taking the train up to visit him on weekends once a month!

  • Kimberly B.....

    thanks for the link……i guess i was too late for the coupon code, it didn’t work so i didn’t order anything this time.