floral policy

photo.jpg by you.

I was still pushing and prodding these flowers into shape late into the day… but hopefully I found my luck with arranging them  shortly before our big event began yesterday.
I donated some of my early morning time and headed to a local floral wholesaler to brighten up the room with some flowers. I had originally walked in the store thinking about tulips, but somehow walked out with visions of green and yellow. I have absolutely no skill in arranging flowers whatsoever, but I do it anyhow and hope that kismet comes my way between snips.  The colors were enough to brighten my day… so hopefully they did that for everyone else as well.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that’s $35 worth of flowers right there in a $15 vase. Even in wholesale, those suckers are expensive.

[update: here’s a photo of the flowers in the grand room…from the iphone… it was highlighted nicely later in the night among the catered food… but didn’t get a snapshot of that. Good thing I went with green though, huh?]

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  • aimee

    Gorgeous arrangement :)

    If you don’t mind me asking, what wholesaler did you use? I know of the place out in Natomas, but would love to find something closer to downtown Sacto.