5 new ways to hang plants

I completely envy anyone that has an indoor vertical gardens… but I just can’t seem to commit myself to one type of hanging planter or another with so many choices out there!

Succulent frames

If you have ambition, you can build your own indoor succulent garden frame

Three-ring mountable planter - White

… or you could just mount this little pot holder on the wall and plant your succulents that way. (Poketo Three Ring mountable planter, $35)

A-Frame Plant Hanger

If you like to hang plants, but can’t stand ordinary hangers, this planked one might do the trick! (Poketo A-Frame Plant Hanger, $78)

Or you could just be practical and move your herbs indoors and grow them in a GrowVert vertical garden in your kitchen!

3 drop porcelain and leather hanging container- medium size

And there’s always the beautiful, simple and classic look of bisque and leather… fit for any room in your house! (Farrah Sit, $150)

Have you seen any interesting ways to add garden life to your indoors?

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