rocking babies

If you’re looking for a shower present that’s totally hip and original… try making a newborn baby gown out of recycled t-shirts (like college/sorority/concert t’s) or re-purpose it for an older child with a onesie or small top! All of my shrunken t-shirts are suddenly looking cuter as gifts than ever…


  • Janet

    Oh, what a cute idea!! Although, I don’t know if any little kids should be rocking my G Phi Mardi Gras shirt. Inappropriate! ;)

  • Tara

    Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial link. Husband’s favorite t-shirt bit the dust this week, and I think I was even more crushed about it than he was (guess I’ve spent longer looking at him IN it)…. Now I think I can rescue the un-holey parts for our baby!