• Teresa

    Boo. What horrid restaurant did that?! (I’m going to guess Zocalo because it’s the only Mexican place “snobby” enough that I can think of that might do that) You’d think that they’d be glad to have people there to make it look more lively. And margaritas TOTALLY count as “real food”!

    • kimberly michelle

      It was actually “Hacienda Del Rio” in Folsom… it was truly empty… and even the bar was empty! Our waiter came by and said, “Um… don’t want to worry you guys, but my manager is looking a little funny at me so if you’re not going to order any food then you might want to hurry up.” And he had just refilled our water and chips? It was so odd… but it definitely made us leave without ordering food!

  • Michelle

    Getting asked to leave Hacienda was so weird. I still don’t really understand. We could have ordered food that didn’t add up to our tab for two drinks. I don’t get it. I kind of want to go back and do the same thing again but on a busy Friday night. :)

  • Teresa

    I agree with Michelle. The weirdest thing is that drinks often end up costing more than just food does! How silly of them.