do you netflix?


I was one of the early users of NetFlix way back in the day… and after a couple years of being too busy to watch movies at home, I quit. Then I met Mr. M, and suddenly watching movies became a normal everyday occurance, as did late fees and outrageous rental fees at the video store. We’d visit the video store, pick out 2-3 movies to watch, and over the course of the week we’d get through them all. Sometimes we’d return them on time and the rest would get socked with that silly “restocking fee.”  But this fall, when we got our big TV and BluRay player, I decided that signing up for NetFlix might be the best thing for our family both money wise and movie wise. Here’s why:

1) 3 Blu-Ray Discs at a time = $21 month.
If we rent 4 discs a month, we beat the rental rate at Blockbuster, plain and simple. It might be hard to maximize your queue, but if all you have to beat is 4 movies, then why the heck not!  According to FeedFlix, we’re paying $3.50/DVD rental since February… and if you count Instant Watch it goes down to $2.03. Oh…. and it’s also nice to have a static number to budget for the expense every month!

2) HD Streaming Video = Free!
With the new streaming video, Mr. M and I can watch movies/TV shows on our computers (anywhere we are with internet!)… as well as on our big TV thanks to our XBOX360 and XBOX Live! (this was before the circle of doom….. but that’s another story) I have to say this is the best way to watch TV shows on DVD, since it keeps track of which episodes you’ve watched and you can just click through them rather than loading disc after disc.

3) Fast & Easy
I looked up the local distribution centers for NetFlix, and discovered that the regional one just happens to be a couple miles up the street in our own zipcode, which means we really can send them in and expect a new DVD in the mail 2 days later.

It’s nice to have movies back in our lives without the drama of the store returns and insane costs of renting… and this way Mr. M can watch as many bad movies as he likes and I won’t make a peep!

If you happen NOT to belong to Netflix, but would like to try them out, I have 4 codes for a MONTH LONG (instead of the normal 2-weeks) FREE TRIAL if you’d like to take the service for a test drive. They came in the mail for us to share with friends and family (which includes you guys as well!) so just leave a note in your comment saying you’d like the code and I’ll email it out to you!


  • talda

    i used to have netflix but like you, i just didn’t have the time and could no longer justify the price. i once kept a movie, unwatched, for like 5 months!.

  • Lin

    Hi Kim! I’d love a code if you could email it by… I’m in grad school (which means no time), but this summer I’m just researching 40 hrs/wk and I would love to be able to kick back with some films… Have been tempted to try Netflix and would love a longer time to test it out! Thank you!

  • Stacy

    We’ve been wanting to subscribe to Netflix lately and having a month long free trial would be absolutely awesome to have to see how we like it. If it’s still available, can I have the code, too?

  • TikiBird

    I heart Netflix. Post-baby, we can’t commit to a full movie (it seems to tempt the baby-sleeping fates if we sit down with the intent to watch something for 2-1/2 hours), but we love to get TV shows! We’ve been watching all these great HBO shows we wouldn’t otherwise get to see, among many others.

  • CaitStClair

    That’s awesome! I didn’t know about feedflix! We’re at $2.62 per DVD or $0.59 if you count Instant. Thanks! I have been wondering if it was worth it to keep doing Netflix.
    Also, I think I also have 4 of those codes still if I can dig up that card. If more than four people want codes, just let me know.