the unknown world of apple cider donuts

apple cider doughnuts
[source: smitten kitchen]

I’d never heard about an apple cider donut until this year… and this fall it seems like every other weekend tweet or food blog has a write-up on the things! I’m assuming they must be amazing and perfect for the season… but I guess what makes me wonder more than anything is how many apple growing areas there are in the US for so many people to be exposed to these little treats!

This recipe at smitten kitchen seemed the most promising, but all of them (minus one I saw) seem to require some deep frying, which scares the living daylights out of me. I guess I can blame my mom’s yelps in the kitchen on taco night for my general fear of oil, but then again, anything that gets that hot scares me in general.

Am I truly missing out on this fall delight? And would I be remiss not to try to make some? Apple cider donut lovers, please come out and tell me what to do!


  • Stephanie

    I second Cathleya. Head up to Apple Hill – a lot of the farms with bake stands have them and they’re delicious!

  • Woman with a Whisk

    They’re really delicious, and I’m normally all for making things from scratch at least once, but deep frying scares the bejeezus out of me also. And it makes the house smell like McDonalds for days. I’d go to an apple orchard instead!

  • talda

    oooh, those are lovely! reminds me of undergrad at michigan when we would make trips to the apple orchard to pick apples [or in my case, pick and eat in the field and chucking the other ones at each other. lol]. mostly i went for the fresh pressed cider and cake doughnuts. ooooh, i wish i could nom, nom, nom on some right now!

    i’d try them out but i don’t think i’ve met a deep friend item i HAVEN’T liked, but if you’re afraid of deep fry you can always buy them. i think i did read someone baking cake doughnuts so maybe that’s an option?

    and if you’re afraid of the smell, my mom keeps a bowl of vinegar on the stove while she fries stuff so the kitchen doesn’t smell like whatever she just fried. works like a charm!

  • michele

    i am with you! this is my first year looking for a recipe here for apple cider donuts. we always had hot chocolate and donuts after trick or treating and i am going to do it for my kids this year. just looking at the picture it will be worth the fry!