lack of belly photos

I didn’t take weekly belly photos for a few reasons. First reason – I hate taking self-portraits, let alone 40 of them. Second reason – When I asked Mr. M to do it, I’d pout at the result and delete them and get hostile towards him for not telling me that I looked that bad. Third reason – I made a pact with a friend NOT to do them after a few facebook incidents. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like looking at fabulous other moms who have none of the icky self-image issues I have popping up during their 9 months of bumpness.
Now, if I were super-hip, had a stylist and a fabulous maternity wardrobe, I would have totally done something like “the belly picture series” by Pacing the Panic Room.





As it is, I’m thinking home-made maternity photos are all I’m going to be down for right now…


  • Lourdes

    Oh yes, that series was phenomenal.

    I felt like you did about taking belly shots, for the most part, but then toward the end I went kinda crazy thinking OMG I’m not gonna have much to remember my belly by! So that last month, I just set up the tripod in the nursery and snapped a few. SO happy I did. I highly recommend it.

  • Tiffany

    I find I am ok with the belly shots as long as I just take a picture of my belly. Then I don’t have to worry about making myself look “pretty”. I do regret not getting more shots earlier in the pregnancy. I don’t even remember what my before stomach looked like!

  • Charmi

    I’m not pregnant and I also hate taking pictures of myself but I still love these kinds of projects. I know dumpling and avocado and seabreeze sort of did this and i love seeing and reading all about their prego journey.

  • EP

    I understand, especially about having hubby take them, and then complaining about how he takes terrible pictures. And 40 weeks…no way! I think I did about 10 with Charlie and about 5 with Lily! With the next baby, it will only be 2 at this rate :)