adios old… hello stainless!

Dear Mr. Dishwasher-that-came-with-the-house,

I know you were only a mere 5 years old, but sadly you just never lived up to your potential. We were happy to see that you were in apparently good working order when we came into the house, but that’s when you began to exhibit strange characteristics. Sometimes you just wouldn’t rinse the dishes all the way. Other times, your water never made it to the second level. Worse still were the times that you’d cover everything in the dishwasher with sticky “gunk” and we’d think that you were broken enough to warrant a repair. We tried our best to get someone to come and fix you, but even after they took our check they told us it was a hopeless case. They told us you’d never do what your label said you would – you just weren’t built to live up to the hype. But we didn’t give up on you… we just kept the faith that nothing worse would happen. But you kept doing a sub-par job and you seemed to whine and hiss about it every time we turned you on. So, that’s when we gave up last weekend. I’m sorry, but you just had to go.
I promise that we won’t worship the new guy until he proves his worth, but I’ve got to tell you that we may be unable to hold out for long! He’s already been whisper quiet while working, which is a marked improvement for a household expecting a visitor that’s temperamental to noise. I think the shiny stainless steel face is just a nice addition… he really does look like he’ll live up to his operating manual guidelines like everyone says he will.
So goodbye Mr. Dishwasher-that-came-with-the-house. I only wish you the best in appliance recycling land.

 the M Family


  • Michelle

    Awesome! I am really jealous because I can’t stand our dishwasher. It is old and small and I also see left over detergent in our glasses. We need to invest in a new one. I haven’t seen your house in forever. We need to do house tours soon!

  • Kristin ~ Bien Living

    Yay! We desperately need a new dishwasher as well…it’s our only appliance that isn’t stainless & it is archaic. We have white cabinets, so my argument is that it blends in…but we definitely need a new one. My husband actually brought up this exact issue the other day!

  • Mr M

    …some things kim left out…

    If you are looking for a new dishwasher or any appliance for that matter, I totally recommend hunting through Best Buy, Fry’s and Sears ads. But make sure you find out what models are available at your nearest Lowe’s. We found a very nice Bosch that was on sale at Sears but not at Lowe’s… But Sears charges around $100 bucks for delivery and Lowe’s is free. So Kim took a quick phone pic and showed it to the appliance lady at Lowe’s… she knocked 10% off the Sears price and delivery was free. We ended up saving about $250 bucks (off the Sears price – sale and delivery) between the price match, 10%, and free delivery.

    Oh, and self-installation isn’t that bad. It’s three cords (power, water line, and drain)… just be prepared for looking completely undignified while twisting and grunting underneath the sink during removal and install and a minor amount of water that a hand towel can mop up. Also helps to have a father in-law that gives you step by step instructions that include a step for a Coke break.