this pretty much sums up my week

[photo of Baby M on Thursday morning at 6:45AM]
I happen to remember far too well the feeling of returning to “work/school” after a 3-day adventure in Vegas. You’d arrive and start the party that night… stay up until 4am… wake up at 7am to stake out your pool spot… sleep in the sun til 11am… keep the refreshments flowing so you never truly get to hangover state… eat something… nap in the hotel room… go shopping… nap again… eat dinner… get ready to go out… and party again, but this time until sunrise… rinse and repeat.
I have that Monday Vegas lag today… but it’s Friday, and the closest I’ve been to a Vegas party this week is my painful in-seat boogey-ing rendition of “Dynamite” while driving. It’s been a long long week with painful deadlines, worse emails, barely any calories consumed without caffeine and just not enough sleep overall. And today I feel like I’ve been hit like a truck. The worst part? Mr. M attended the same hideous party train this week, so our household is just a big box of stress and early mornings.
So when you finally get a chance to breathe during periods of stress like this… what do you do to calm yourself down and truly get back to “normal” ?? Everything I think of seems to be the opposite of relaxing… well… other than just curling up in a ball under my desk and hoping no one else comes into the office. Any tips of the trade you’d like to share? My brain is fried…


  • Michelle

    A low impact exercise session is good when I’m tired and stressed. Taking a walk, listening to music that you really enjoy and letting the bad week go step by step.

    I’m sorry that you had a bad week. I know how it feels. I hope this weekend gives you some happy times and smiles!

  • Laura

    Dude! I had the Vegas lag on Thursday… and it got so bad I took off Friday morning (but I don’t have business hour meetings) and slept in, went to the gym and stopped at my local coffee shop before putting in another stressful day…
    and the weekend and next week doesn’t look any better (as evidenced by me typing this at 3am on Sat morning – couldn’t sleep, had to get up and write an outline forming in my head)