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sundays in fall = footballdays

I have often pondered how my footballdays would be different if I lived on the east coast. I’d be able to go out to Sunday brunch, run some errands perhaps, or maybe even get in a morning trip to the park and the zoo! And then, I could be back at home by 1pm to begin a full afternoon and evening of football. But that doesn’t happen here in the Golden State. We hit snooze on Sunday and wake up to pancakes on the griddle with barely enough time to finalize our fantasy rosters before football roars into the media room on 3 screens (yes… 3 screens… I’ll share photos later this week) at 10am.
Now don’t get me wrong… I love football. I would even go so far as to say I adore watching it… and now that everyone seems to be a fan thanks to the fantasy games, it’s even more fun to watch and enjoy on Sunday! Friends flocking over to watch with us, tons of snacks and nursing a beer all day… that’s my perfect idea of a lazy Sunday!

Baby M got roped into the excitement thanks to a generous gift from our pals Frank & Tiffany. She matches Dad and even claps and giggles when we say, “Yay for the JETS!” I tried to find some baby Niners gear for her at Old Navy, but sadly there was none to be had. Maybe we’ll have to wait until she outgrows her green before we confuse her with the red and gold outfit?
So we watch football (glorious football) from 10am until at least 4pm… and then comes the normal Sunday activity, irregardless of whether it’s football season or not: the epic nap.


Aren’t Sunday footballdays just the greatest?



  • Cathleya

    AAAH! Baby M is so adorable in her Jets jersey! Mark asked me why she’s wearing a Jets jersey. I said you can’t tell babies what teams to like—they just like whatever they like. :)

  • A Long Far View

    Football Sundays are my favorite days of the year really – you’re allowed to start drinking whenever you feel like, and it’s perfectly acceptable to have one (or more) tvs on all day! Can’t wait to see your three screen set up though – B wants us to set up two when we move which oughta be interesting.

    And I think having kids is the perfect excuse for creating little ones who will cheer for whoever you tell them to :)

  • Terri

    I love football too. Baby M’s jersey is absolutely adorable. Is your husband from NY? I’m a Giants fan :) We’ve got a lot of football on the brain because we’re both in fantasy leagues. Speaking of fantasy, when do we play each other? :)

  • Disgruntled Julie

    Welllll…. we may get a later start with 1pm games here… BUT.. it means that I am inevitably up past 11pm on Sundays and Mondays for nighttime football. Monday and Tuesday mornings are rough on the east coast during football season!

  • Megan

    Oh my gosh, look at those smiles!! I can’t get over how cute baby M is! The last photo is so peaceful and makes me want to curl up on my couch and take a nap right now (never mind the fact that I’m in lab….). Sundays in our house usually involve both the tv and the computer, although I’m never watching either of them :)

  • schmei

    She’s so cute!

    I’m in Central time, and I think we get the best football schedule here: late afternoon and evening, but not super-late like on the East Coast.

    And yes, Football days = a pot of chili, a slow-sipping beer, and the couch. God Bless America.

  • Mina

    i love these pictures! what a cute little jersey. i used to love watching football, but haven’t done so in a while. would like to get back into it so i have an excuse to eat buffalo wings and nachos.

  • Michelle

    This is so our house on Sundays too, minus the 3 screens. :) I too also love watching football. I posted a pic on FB of Z watching football w/ daddy in their Bears jerseys/sleepers. Couldn’t find any jerseys in time.

    Love Baby L in her jerseys..her smile is so adorable!!

  • tracey

    having grown up out east where we’d have a fab sunday afternoon fest (post church services) and gorge ourselves on football … i certainly can appreciate being actually able to do something rather than rolling out of bed, checking on injury reports before finalizing ff rosters and FINALLY getting around to making breakfast like we have to do on THIS coast.

    as for baby niners gear – is your friend =), i have to check back for some niners gear for rosie !

    kim, you perfectly described our house on a sunday .. until recently we too had THREE tvs hooked up for games. our living room looked like a sports bar, only you wear your jammies :P