my keurig loves me

I’ve had my Keurig coffee maker for 9 months now. I figure this has been an appropriate span of time to truly evaluate its necessity in my life. And let me just tell you… it’s necessary.

I convinced Mr. M it was a sound investment due to the fact that I took “night duty” with Baby M. In order to function past 10am, I needed something hot to fuel my inner fire. I thought if I bought one of these little machines, then I’d enjoy drinking dark coffee again (post-pregnancy) as well as tea and cocoa, and get myself away from those icky powdery substances that are not ideally mixed with hot water.

And you know what, I did! Sure, I keep some creamer in the big ‘ol fridge that’s 94 steps away from my office door, but mainly I just keep sugar here in my office and empty 1/2 a packet in with each cup! (And yes… real sugar! I’d rather use real stuff for 10 whole calories than any artificial sweetener any day!) I’ve stayed awake and alert and incredibly cozy on cold days by my large window.

Also, “coffee breaks” are incredibly frequent here… most likely due to our immediate proximity to a coffee stand outside our doors (it’s literally attached to this building) and to the main student union’s swanky new coffee shop as well. My officemates indulge in at least 2 cups/day, whether it comes from a campus vendor or the ‘Bucks down the street. I have absolutely no temptation to spend extra money on coffee now, and instead, just either pop a k-cup in or fill up my reusable filter and I’m ready to go.

Now have I hit the breakeven point yet? At $2 a cup at the kiosk, my breakeven point  as far as cost goes is around 220 cups. I’m sure I’m just about there (for all of those 2 cup days), but the enjoyment I get from a hot cup of coffee in my hands whenever I need adds some extra value in there as well. Especially a really yummy tasting cup of coffee that I can drink black!

Anyone else adore their Keurig? What’s your favorite k-cup??

p.s. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase the Café Escapes – Café Mocha or Chai Latte k-cups. They are hideously gross and taste exactly like that icky powdery stuff I mentioned above. It does not taste anything like the two drinks that they claim to be.


  • Meagan

    OMG, I have had my Keurig for 2 years and I adore it. I make coffee in it every morning (Coffee People – Donut Shop) and I make tea every night (I bought one of the “K-Cups” and I just plop a regular teabag into it). We’ve tried a few of the Hot Chocolate cups, but haven’t found one we like, so we just use the Keurig to make the hot water and mix in our own packets.

  • Julie

    We got a Keurig for Christmas and I LOVE it. I can drink my favorite flavored coffee and Brandon can drink his plain, boring coffee. I love the iced sweet tea and the hot chocolate as well! :)

  • Colleen

    We got a Keurig for Christmas from my parents and it is pretty neat. I’m not sure I would have ever bought it myself since it’s for home and not an office, but I like the convenience, for sure!

    And a friendly tip: the Apple Cider k-cup is awful!

  • StefanieK

    I think the Kuerig and babies go hand-in-hand :) You may recall that we got one for Christmas a couple years ago (returned it, and were then gifted the following year with a box of K-cups)…well, within days of us finding out we have an awesome excuse for insane sleep deprivation in our future, my husband had managed to convince me that he NEEDS a Kuerig. Since I’m laying way low on the caffeine these days (so he can 1-cup-at-a-time it), but we’ll both most certainly be needing a regular caffeine jolt in a matter of months, we took the plunge. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out yet, but he adores it. :)

  • Geek in Heels

    I’ve wanted a Keurig ever since they came out, but my husband says I wouldn’t like it — his office uses Keurigs and he says we like our coffee a lot stronger than how the Keurig makes them. Do they offer stronger blends? (Would that make a difference?)

  • Christi

    @GeekinHeels there are plenty of robust and dark roast coffee blends to choose from. And you can always use your favorite ground coffee in the KCup converter.
    My favorites are Green Mountain breakfast blend and rainforest nut.

  • Stacy

    I am swooning over my Keurig! I got a Mini Plus as a birthday present and have been using it ever since. My fave Kcup so far is the Donut Shop ones.

  • alycia

    I’ve been bugging my husband for what seems like FOREVER to get us a coffee maker. We currently use the french press method and while it makes our coffee flavor stand out, it’s been incredibly difficult to work it into our morning schedule….

    I may just pester him about this! He loves gadgets and I need my coffee in the morning!