indestructible books for babies?


What do we have here??? New books on my bookshelf?


Let’s see if we can fold them… yup!


And shake them? And eat them? Yes???

What kind of books are these???

Those would be the awesome Indestructible books that we got from! (yes yes…. my favorite Internet gift store) Even though the product description promised that they were chew-proof, drool-proof, rip-proof and washable, I really wasn’t sure if they were “Miss L” proofed. I mean, this girl can leave teeth marks in just about everything (including our fingers).

But they turned out to be exactly as promised, and are fun books to read as well!!! I know that babies and toddlers use their mouth to discover and explore new things, so it’s a double edged sword when you say “No” to biting books… but sometimes you just want to make sure your $15 investment makes it until tomorrow. I’m happy that she can play with these books as we read them without a care in the world about if they’ll survive!


Let’s go find some tasty book pages to nom nom…. these just aren’t doing the trick!

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