just stay away from the color box!

I have no legitimate excuse for what happened on Wednesday night, only silly ones.  It had been a long week at work, despite the fact that it was Spring Break for the students. I was on super-mommy duty as Mr. M was holed up in San Francisco for the week for work. And I went to try on a bunch of dresses from the Go International! collection at Target only to discover the reason why I hadn’t bought them the first time around… because they definitely weren’t built to fit anyone like me.

So instead of wandering somewhere safe, like say, the FREEZER section for ice cream, I headed to the beauty aisles. And towards the hair dye and the little “pick your perfect color” computer that was waiting for me to walk up to it. And I accepted its invitation to create magic… only to my detriment that night. You see… I wasn’t planning on yellow-orange being a color that anyone wanted on their hair…


Yup. I’m the dumb dirty blonde who tried to regain her golden locks through a box and it sooooo didn’t happen!

And despite my attempts to capture the odd beautiful mess I had made of my locks, the overcast shadows from the storm clouds just wouldn’t do it the justice that I saw in the bathroom mirror at home.

But here it was at my office on Thursday..

Around 1pm, I called my normal salon (you know, the one I visit like every 9 months when I realize my hair is embarrassing me) to see if they had any appointments for Friday. Being a state holiday, though, I was completely out of luck. I also think that the two words, color correction, scare the beejesus out of all salons. They know it’s going to be hours of work and little compensation… so I’m sure they take very few of them if any at all.

So I turned to twitter… and lo and behold… a fellow Sac-Town twitter friend recommended I try out another spot downtown. And I called… and got a 1pm appointment for the next day! SUCCESS! I admitted my failings to the receptionist, and she won points by being kind and sweet instead of mocking my futile existence.

So on Friday afternoon, I walked into that salon like all was fine… and it turns out that I did a pretty good job of dying my hair orange! It was nice and even and fully covered every strand of my hair… in orange. I bet if I had a tan it wouldn’t have looked quite as bad, but we know those days of sun bathing are long long over for this girl. So I requested a natural looking blonde, admitted I’d be ok going lighter, but just really really requested a good ashy tone to get me back towards “normal.”

And ladies and gents… this is what we got:

Think people will assume she gets her blonde hair from me now??? Well… as long as Dad is far away, maybe they will?

So it looks like I have some bright white summer locks to play with for now… and we’ll cross our fingers that I can maintain the pretty that I’ve got. I mean, dark roots are “in” right now… so who knows?