it’s my birthday… but it’s your celebration (#2)

This is a photo of my bathroom at the W New Orleans two weekends ago. Notice the two containers of water. One costs $6. The other is hotel water being filtered my the awesome 18.5 oz BOBBLE bottle that cost $10 but I packed it and brought it with me. That way, I drank freshly filtered water all weekend without wasting money on pricey bottles from the hotel or the vending machines!


This was my first time trying out the BOBBLE and its awesome carbon filter… and since it made its way back into my purse for last weekend’s return flight to New Orleans, I’m going to say it’s a keeper for every day of the year! And if you love drinking water (when you’re away from your Brita/water filter at home) and hate buying plastic bottles, then this little guy might be the solution! It can be refilled 300 times before you have to replace the filter AND those filters only cost ~$7 each!

And because of my newly acquired love for this awesome product… I’m going to be giving away 2
18.5 oz. Bobble bottles (in your choice of color) to 2 readers!
  I was going to just buy one and give it away, but for each one you buy on, you get to send another to a friend! How perfect is that?

bobble lineup_DRY_onWhite

Like before… it’s really simple to win! Just share your favorite “trip away from home” beverage as a comment and you’re entered! I’ll post the winner next Monday morning here on the blog!

Good luck!


  • Tali

    I carry around VIA coffee packets in my wallet. I’ve drank some foul coffee in my travels. These packets mean that anywhere I am, all I need is some hot water to guarantee a good cup of joe!

  • Marisa

    Ha! Twice I’ve thought about buying a Bobble and twice, put it back.. then regretted it.

    My drink of choice while traveling used to be a chai latte of some sort (calories don’t count while traveling, don’t you know?) but now that I’m pregnant, I’m back to boring old water – and yup, out of stupid disposable water bottles.

  • Laura

    My drink of choice when traveling is water. Usually with a little lime juice just to keep things exciting. This seems like a really cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Natalie M.

    While more of a beverage for when I travel home (to my parents in Michigan) I crave Faygo Rock n Rye Pop!

  • Jill H

    I actually noticed the Bliss products first. Oh, the W has my heart for stocking Bliss!! :) Anywhoo, I had never heard of Bobble before – that’s a great idea! Back to your question, Starbucks Coffee. Black. I never ever buy it when I’m home. It’s my traveling treat.

  • Kris

    My favorite beverage is trying out the coffee at local coffee shops when I’m away from home. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Melinda

    Ummm . . . I love anything carbonated (on vacation or not!), BUT I really just need more water to stay hydrated. This is awesome filtered water on the go. Love this!

  • LatteLove

    I can’t believe I’m the first to mention an alcoholic beverage (that counts, right?) I only order sangrias on vacation :-)

    but I also have a cran-apple juice on every plane ride.

  • irene

    how wonderful, i just saw this the other day on the interwebs! i usually order green tea when i’m out.

  • Christi

    I’m a Dunkin Donuts coffee girl at home. But when we travel we only seem to find Starbucks.
    So I turn into a Shaken Passion Tea/Lemonade girl on the road!
    Those Bobbles look like they are pretty nifty. I don’t like drinking any water other than bottled because of the yukkky taste of tap water.

  • Amanda

    I’m bad when I’m on vacation – lots of wine and cokes! When I’m at home, I’m a lot better about drinking water, though!

  • Liz

    I drink more coffee than usual when I’m away from home. This would definitely encourage more water drinking :) I love the colors these bottles come in!

  • Stee

    oh what a bummer, these aren’t dishwasher safe
    I was excited for this product but honestly, I will not get a lot of use out of a hand wash only bottle.
    Why won’t manufacturers make these so called green products dishwasher safe??
    I’ll stick with the Polar Springs from the store.

  • Danielle

    I am an iced tea FIEND. I love all kinds of unsweetened tea with lemon. I’ll try every coffee shop on vacation till I find the perfect cup. :)

  • Michelle

    I love water but tend to not drink as much of it when on vacation because I don’t like the taste of tap water. These bottles are awesome!

  • Amanda

    This totally depends on the type of vacation it is.

    On a plane – hot tea or cran-apple juice
    On a road trip – water or ice tea (which unfortunately means a lot of bathroom breaks)

    If the trip is just with my husband, one night of the trip usually involves some sort of rum. If my in-laws are involved, there is always a bottle of wine or three. :)

  • Annie

    Happy birthday :)

    I like to drink water with a squeeze of lemon or other citrus in my water bottle. This would be so nice for me since I’m always drinking water and love that it has a filter!

  • Cathleya

    Was so jealous of your bottle this weekend! My favorite drink on the road is Vitamin Water XXX – I only drink it on road trips! Yum :)

  • Laura

    I drink so much water, its ridiculous, I’ve gone through so many reusable water bottles its out of control!

  • Lucy

    ooh vacation drinks… decadent sugary lattes for the morning splurge, water for fun in the sun, anything and everything at night, and coconut water for the morning after ;)

    happy birthday! thanks for the chance to win!

  • Stephanie

    Water is my go-to travel drink because I hate getting dehydrated. It’s a lot harder when traveling through airports, cause I usually carry around a Nalgene but am kind of snobby about drinking bad tasting tap water (it doesn’t always taste bad, just in some places, but you never know where!). This sounds like the perfect solution so I don’t have to buy throw-away bottles everytime I travel.

  • erin

    I have to say I’m an Emergen-C fan (cranberry) or a Starbucks Via if traveling somewhere where I won’t be too sure of the very critical to my day beverage of coffee!

  • Emerald

    I always beeline for Caribou Coffee after going through airport security for a latte. Otherwise, I try and drink as much water as possible.

  • stacey

    Our gym sells these and I’ve been looking at them for a while… I’m a Nalgene girl, even on trips, but I’d like something with a filter eventually. I like my local tap water, but I don’t always like the tap water where I’m visiting. :)
    My favorite away from home beverage? If I’m really away from home, like on vacation, it’s a good mojito or a good cup of tea.

  • Desarae

    I’ve seriously thought about buying one of these 3 times now. If I don’t win I’m pretty sure i’ll bee-line it to the store to buy one anyways. :)

    My favorite away from home drink is… water or coke for the car ride and any fruity drink with an umbrella while on vacation.

  • talda

    i’m usually headed to the midwest to visit my boyfriend so my drink of choice is a white hot chocolate from caribou coffee during the winter or an iced vanilla rooibos tea latte during the warmer months or a vernor’s ginger ale.

  • CycleGirlGman

    My husband said I should say a “road soda” – aka Pepsi with Rum. Really, Crystal light – I’m a water snob, because I love our well water, and the crystal light makes it a little easier to drink funny water. Maybe the filter would help with the funny water taste?

  • Danielle

    I am a huge advocate of drinking TONS of water…no matter where you are ;) It makes such a difference, especially when you’re traveling and walking around a lot.

  • kelsey

    Ooooh yay! I’d love one!! My favorite drink when I’m on vacation is definitely coffee. I enjoy it when I’m home, but there is something even more special about it when I’m away.

  • Liesal

    This is perfect! Water is my go to drink and I hate going on trips because I have to always buy water to stay hydrated.

  • Maggie

    Water. Lots and lots of water. I’ll forget to drink it if I don’t have a bottle on me and traveling while dehydrated is never fun!

  • Holley

    Orangina. Or Coke Light. (Yes, I’m aware I can get Orangina here in Texas. It just always feels like a vacation drink to me!)

  • Ellen

    “Trip away from home” drink of choice is currently a honey soy latte. Thanks to the new espresso machine valentine’s gift this year, I can make one myself (for a fraction of the price) just before leaving. I just act like I got it at my local stand :)

  • Palila

    I only seem to have espresso when traveling. When we went to Seattle for Christmas, I think I tried an Americano in about every coffee shop until I had one made correctly.

  • Josie

    When I’m traveling I always try to find a place that sells bubble tea. Sadly where we live there isn’t a bubble tea place any where near us. So that’s my go-to drink whenever we travel anywhere.

  • Charmi

    My favorite drink is just to add true lemon to water! I have been wanting one of these bobble bottles for a while but just haven’t gotten around to buying one – would love to have this since I travel so frequently!

  • Donelle

    I always treat myself to a Starbucks iced coffee when I am away from home (or sometimes when I just have a day off)! I am always craving water too away from home though since I drink so much on a regular basis and always seem to forget to do so when on vacation!

  • tracey

    depends where i’m at ….. wine baby ! sample vintages OTHER than the excellent CA i’m spoiled by.

  • Jen

    Cute and useful! I drink water with lemon – I usually carry around the little true lemon packets. I also have to have my coffee, even if it’s bad hotel room coffee.

  • Kelly | Glamour This

    Ooo those are adorable and useful/money saving. Would love one of those. I always indulge in Starbucks when I’m away. Simply because we don’t have any close to my house. I love tea too… so if I find a tea place I always pop in.

  • Jaime

    Totally depends on where I am! On a beach? Something tropical with rum and a fruit wedge hanging off the side. Watching a sunrise somewhere? Local coffee all the way. Baking myself by a pool? Ice cold water with lemon.

    And now I want a vacation.

  • Michelle P.

    Those bottles are such great ideas!! My drink of choice on my trip away from home, is usually boring old water.

  • Mary

    I would love one of those! I usually drink water when I’m traveling unless they say the water isn’t good for you then it’s a can of soda.

  • ABC

    I love to get a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks in the airport when I travel for work. I don’t treat myself to them often, but when it’s a work trip, the company pays for it :) It’s nice indulgence and a little reward for traveling for business!

  • Lyndsey

    My beverages of choice are herbal tea or decaf coffee. If I really want a special treat I’ll have a caffeine free diet coke.

  • Rachel

    Omg one of my coworkers has one of those and I totally want one! I’m constantly drinking water, but if I’m on a trip, I’ll usually get an iced blended coffee in the morning and a cocktail in the afternoon!

  • marissa | marissamakes

    Happy birthday, lady! :o)

    I’m like Karen… my drink of choice on planes is always ginger ale. Such a treat! With meals and around town, I usually stick to water… so a Bobble bottle would be great!

  • Heidi

    I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but anytime I have to travel for work I crave Starbucks. It’s really, really, weird but I just love the smell of it and it’s all I need to get focused.

  • Denise

    my favorite drink is bloody mary mix! unfortunately, the sodium content in it definitely makes it a drink away from home and a rare treat!

  • Mei Y.

    Starbucks, Coffeebean, any coffee shop around. Its feels more indulgen when your on vacay!!
    I ordered two 1 L b/c of your post!!!

  • Jessica G.

    I’ll be honest, if I’m on vacation, my favorite drink is a pina colada. :) But at home, I’m a water girl all the way!

  • Ashirii

    Oooh! I would love for one of those!! It’s crazy how much hotel’s charge for one bottle of water!! That would be PERFECT to take traveling!

    When I go on vacay, my drink of choice is POG (Passion Orange Guava) juice. I usually travel on Hawaiian Airlines and they offer this juice as part of their in-flight snack. I absolutely LOVE it. Even though they sell it at the supermarkets, I only drink it when I ride on an airplane.

  • Kimberly

    These are amazing! What a cool idea! I love it!

    My favorite travel beverage has to be water. When on long road trips, water is the only thing that keeps me from getting that awful road trip grungy feeling. If I drink soda, I get all bloated and icky. I know.. TMI.

  • Tamara

    I saw these at Office Depot the other day, of all places–they look neat! Non-alcoholic, my favorite travel drink aside from water is coca cola. (I also love a glass of wine or a greyhound, my favorite cocktail–vodka and grapefruit juice!)

  • Jill

    I love finding cool wine bars to visit while I’m away! Now that I’m pregnant I have to stick with my nalgene bottle though :)

  • ep

    I’ve used the bobble, and it’s so cool!

    I love vino away from…hell, it’s my go-to drink all the time :)

  • Sandra

    What a brilliant idea. I wish I had that when I went to Vegas a few years ago. I was so thirsty and drank some of the water from the tap using the plastic cups they provide. I noticed a slight sewer smell when the water was running, but thought my nose was playing tricks on me. Sure enough a few days later I ended up having the runs for a whole week. I’m sure it was something in the water I drank.