crafting for a cause: craft hope blankets

Last September,  I talked about the wonderful site Craft Hope, and how one translate their crafty skills into a charitable contribution for very worthy causes. In watching the news of all these natural disasters in recent weeks, the overwhelming feelings of helplessness have crept up on me. I can’t imagine having a giant wave and earthquake take away my house, or watching the river slowly rise to my roof, or hiding in a bathroom while the wind takes my house and all of my belongings away from me. I started crying as I heard a woman recount her family’s woes due to flooding on All Things Considered yesterday… and just felt so utterly out of touch with what I could do to help.

Then I saw the new Craft Hope project (#13) for this month… an urgent call to those who want to help the victims of the southern tornadoes:

Security Blankets for Tornado survivors
(click link above…due June 15th)

“For Project 13 :: Security Blankets for Tornado Survivors we will be collecting handmade blankets to distribute to the tornado survivors in the Southeastern U.S. We have found many charities and organizations that will accept them. They are begging for supplies at this point, so please make ‘em up as quick as you can.

I’m sure you have tons of questions. There really aren’t many specifics on this project, all we ask for is handmade/machine washable blankets. They can be quilts or any type of blanket. Please make a variety of sizes for newborns up to adults. Any handmade blanket will be accepted and appreciated.”

I’m a pretty shabby quilter, but I know I can sew a security blanket and pour in some love. I’m hoping some of my fellow crafty friends will join in the efforts and also participate and/or pass the word along. And although it’s just a little something, remember that it’s a big something to those who receive it!