I like celebrating with you! (Win a copy of “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School”)

April was such a happy month here on the blog with all those fun birthday giveaways, so I figure that it wouldn’t hurt to keep up the theme of celebrating with you this July!  The first week is a big one for wedding anniversaries around these parts (Mom & Dad L and Mother and Father M both have theirs on July 4th, with ours on July 7th)… so why not have you join in on that fun!

I wanted to continue this string of giveaways with yet another one of my favorite things, and when my eyes passed this on the cookbook shelf, I knew it was something I wanted to share with you!

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School is simply one of the easiest cooking reference books I’ve happened upon. It has extensive techniques, tons and tons of easy to follow pictures, and simple steps to get you where you need to go. I can honestly share that, out of curiosity, I looked up the instructions on how to cook an egg over-easy… and hers blew my make-shift way out of the water. There’s just so many things that you get done in the kitchen without, perhaps, knowing how to do it well. And this book is the bible for that!

In order to enter the contest, just follow the instructions on the widget below to gain entries. You can enter by leaving a comment, tweeting about the giveaway, liking my Facebook page, or liking this blog entry on Facebook. Each method will get you another entry into the contest! You do need to have a facebook account to enter, so I apologize (just trying this little widget out to see how it goes!)

Entries close on July 17th, 2011! Good luck!