guest post: ali’s free fonts!

Ali’s a former ‘bee (Frenchie!), awesomely talented lady and all around wonderful spirit and person! She blogs at His Birdie’s Nest and you can always catch her on Twitter as well!


Kim’s Fonts of the Week are one of my favorite of her posts, besides the ones of Miss L, of course. My favorites of those posts are when the fonts are FREE. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Well, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite free fonts, I’ve found on the web. #1 Blueprint – I discovered this font about 9 years ago when I first started working for my Dad’s construction company. How perfect for a construction company, right? With every new computer I get at work, this font is the first thing I download. I still use this to address all our out-going mail.


#2 Fling – I found this font while making our engagement party invitations. I feel in love with it because it’s girly and fancy, but still easy to read.


#3 Joe Hand – I’ve been using this font everyday of September on my blog. I’m doing a 30 day photo challenge and I’m using this font to label all my pictures. I like it because it looks like someone’s handwriting. However, it looks nothing like my handwriting.


#4 Expo – I found this font last Christmas season while looking for a “retro” font for our Christmas party invitations. This font actually comes in a set with a bunch of other really fun fonts.


What is your favorite FREE font?