hacked (up a lung)

Dear friends,

My website got hacked two weeks ago. And despite many efforts to fix things the simple way each and every day, I eventually realized I couldn’t fix it without a clean wipe of my entire site. Sadly, my last good backup didn’t have my revamped design, so it wasn’t helpful either. So, I courageously hit the delete button. And now I’m trying to build it all back up slowly.

I know some people had issues getting here. Hopefully they’re solved by now… or soon. And I know that some of your readers were filled with lots of unread posts. I’m sorry. And as for new content.. well, there’s a lot that’s been on hold since this all happened, so it’ll be here as well.

The M family is also recovering from the great throat sickness of 2012 that has infected many friends and family members throughout California over the past few weeks. So I’m sure the fact that I haven’t slept for a full night in my own bed has something to do with my inability to navigate database code and solve the problem. Blegh. At least it’s all pretty much here (I think?) and my fingers are crossed that I don’t mess anything up in the near future.

So remember, friends. If you have a blog… back up your content! Frequently! Because this could have been a really bad blog post sob story about 5 years of lost content… but instead it’s just a whiny tale of a March cold and shortcuts not working out.


p.s. Everyone that missed me (yes Mr. M… the blog is back), just know each little note was like a virtual hug. Thanks!