happy 2014!

Happiest of new years to everyone today!

In case you missed our Christmas card… here it is!


Just a few days ago, this domain hit it’s 10-year anniversary! Ten years, I’ve been sharing the things I love along with tidbits about what’s up with me. Seems a little crazy, but I’m happy to realize that I’m still the same person behind the keyboard sharing the same things, just with more photos of cuter subjects than myself.

I’m beginning the new year trying something out… sharing with a larger audience over at When the invitation came, I was so excited to jump and try it out, but a bit scared that I wasn’t as “professional” as most of the wonderful women over there. Then I stopped to realize that I was… and gave myself a little pat on the back for blogging consistently since 2006 and that I could play in the big sand box too. And don’t worry, I’ll still be here too. I spent my “internet break” pondering the why’s and what’s of this space and myself online, and came back with a pretty strong resolve to stay and put even more “Kim” in this space for 2014.

As for the rest of life in 2014, well it started with a BANG at 9pm last night with fireworks celebrated at Miss L’s age-appropriate viewing time…

and another BANG at midnight that almost ended the life of our sliding glass doors thanks to a rogue bottle rocket and 100-pound Bernese Mountain Dog. And now we’re sitting and playing with lots of Christmas toys watching the Rose Parade in our PJ’s. Yup, life is pretty good.

Hope your 2014 looks amazing from here as well! Oh… and p.s. if you were looking for a way reflect on the past year and look forward to 2014… #weverb is back, but this time it’s in January! Just head to for all the daily prompts or follow @weverb14 on twitter.