virtually running is the same as actually running without the cost

On Sunday, I ran in my first “virtual run” – a 5K race. What that meant was that I walked a few steps outside of my house early that morning, hit “start” on RunKeeper, and then ran for 3.11 miles and hit stop. Race done. No bib, no corral, no registration fee, no driving/parking/navigating needed!

And what did I get out of it? Well… for the past 9 days, I’ve been able to be a part of a positive race community that was running in the summer heat of Australia and the barren cold tundra of the Midwest USA. Cheering people on through FB or Instagram or Twitter… and taking place in a fun communal run! Oh, and I got my best average pace in the past 3 years of running! It’s amazing how a little surge of competition can mean something on an otherwise normal and uneventful run. (I may have also given a staredown to a Lowe’s truck driver who didn’t signal and made me stop in my tracks for 15 seconds while he decided if he was turning in front of me or not…I’m running a race here!!!)

Unlike other virtual race series, there are no medals here… but there aren’t an participation fees either! AND… there are prizes for you speed demons out there! I’m participating in an effort to get faster this year, especially over shorter distances, and to give myself a challenge that doesn’t involve $40 entry fees for t-shirts that I won’t wear with crazy start times that I don’t enjoy waking up for!

Sounds like a win/win doesn’t it? So go ahead and register for this virtual 5K series on the website and run with me! (as an added incentive – you should just sign up to beat me each month in a head-to-head race!)


  • Kate

    I feel like you need to give yourself more credit. Virtual running is watching others do it. You’re actually running! Feet on the pavement!

    You should also look into Progressive Marathons. I love them. You just have to run 26 miles before the Marathon date, and can do it in any increments you want!

  • Brittany

    I did the Nike Virtual 10k last year. It was surprisingly fun…it did have a fee though, but we got a pretty nice shirt. I may have to look into doing more!