tasty goodness: Kettle Brand Potato Chips – Maple Bacon

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to try out the snacks you’ve been coveting for months… you know, the ones you glance at and walk by with regret shopping trip after shopping trip. I try my best to avoid the “snack” aisle my any means necessary… but had zero excuses to not buy everything there on the morning of the game. I had zero interest in who won, since it was Mr. M’s evil team vs. my evil team, so might as well munch on junk food and nap through it!

I decided that my super special new treat would be Maple Bacon Kettle Brand Potato Chips. I mean COME ON! Pancake syrup and bacon… in a salty potato chip??? YES PLEASE!

Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Potato Chips
Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Potato Chips

But the excitement died down quickly once I opened the bag at 3pm… right around when the “opening ceremonies” begin. I took one bite and could feel my face create a puzzled look. I went back for another chip, and then a third. Finally, after about 6 chips I figured it out.


These chips were somehow just flavored with a variation of barbecue seasoning. Now maybe the original barbecue formula is made of maple/bacon tastes? And we should be calling all barbecue chips “Maple Bacon” chips?

They didn’t taste bad at all. Especially because barbecue is my default favorite chip flavor. But they definitely weren’t super special like I hoped. Oh well.



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