Wine Wednesday: Vinotype

What’s your Vinotype?


According to this survey I’m “hypersensitive.”   That means… my wine preferences run toward more delicate, dry wines with lower alcohol levels and reds have to be especially rich and smooth for my highly sensitive sensory perception.

I’m towards the top end of the scale in terms of my sensory sensitivity. In general, I tend to be picky – the more CONTENT don’t want to stray too far from the wines they know they love, and the more ADVENTUROUS  love to explore and discover all sorts of new wines but with very clear preference parameters.


The more CONTENT HYPERSENSITIVE Vinotypes tend to favor the Pinot Grigios, Rieslings, and often have a penchant for Petit Sirah, (Red) Zinfandel and Merlot. The more ADVENTUROUS HYPERSENSITIVE Vinotypes love exploring Rieslings, Alsacian varieties, Albarinos and tend to “talk dry but drink sweet.”

If you’re a HYPERSENSITIVE GEEK, you hate high points, decry the movement towards higher alcohol as it burns too much for their palates, and are champions of wines that display delicacy and finesse.

And guess what?  That seems pretty right on target!

Mr. M has a “Tolerant” vinotype.   It’s the persona where “people fight with you over the thermostat setting – you want it way too cold.” Yup… that seems about right too!

So go ahead and take the quiz and see if it matches your wine preferences and your lifestyle in general!

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