the first table to arrive

Our first “new” table arrived from Pottery Barn! This “Rustic Bench” from Pottery Barn fit our specific needs for the entry room perfectly! It was thin (14″ wide), long (60″) and came in the perfect dark wood color we wanted.

Oh… and as for the lovely orange vase randomly on the table? I was trying to figure out just which shade of orange I could bring into the entry room. I can tell you it wasn’t that shade!


  • Stacy

    Love the PB coffee table and what a steal of a price. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the house comes together when get done painting! By the way, I really heart the design glass that you put on top of your new desk. I may have to steal that idea… if you don’t mind. :P

    • kimberly michelle


      Oh please steal the IKEA table design! :) They have a wonderful one with words as well!
      I know… the PB coffee table was really quite surprisingly reasonable. I’m just waiting to see it go on sale sometime soon and groan, but it’s been around since February and is still going strong!