unfamiliar territory: french onion soup

2009_10_14_2 by you.


The perfect storm arrived off the Pacific today, and boy did it bring some rain and wind with it! While I had dog-eared a recipe for French Onion soup from this month’s Family Circle magazine, I had no idea that I’d be trying it out so quickly. But that’s what happens when the rain causes the power to go off at work, and I find myself with some extra time to cook and along with a craving for something nice and warm. 

The recipe was incredibly easy to make, and the result was quite delicious. I do have to say that the bread and the gruyère probably made this better than usual… but I was still surprised with how quickly it all came together. I’d recommend using low sodium beef broth as well, which leaves you with a great onion soup and not a salty onion mess. Seriously, if you want to feel like an instant chef, throw this together one night and I promise someone will be impressed!