voting on behalf of the ultimate fan

My cousin Brad is Rickey Henderson’s biggest fan. No seriously, he is. Need proof… just check out his blog that is devoted to the “Man of Steal.”

I used to think it was just a fluke when we were kids and his collection of cards grew larger and larger, but the fact that he kept it up long after Rickey stopped playing baseball shows you just how deep the love actually is. In fact, he had a savings account set aside just for his trip to Cooperstown for the inevitable day that Rickey would make it into the Hall of Fame, and got to use it this summer when that day actually came around.

While he was on this trip, he had the chance to snap some once in a lifetime photos… and despite being the amateur among legions of press, he ended up capturing quite “the shot” seen above. And now he’s trying to win ESPN’s The SHOT People’s Choice award…

If you’d like to help my cousin out, simply click on this link and vote for his image. You’ll need to verify your email address (just once) and I promise no spam will come your way. Just warm fuzzies and good karma for helping an ultimate fan out…


  • ManOfSteal

    Thanks for the support Kim! I’ve cracked the Top 15, and could possibly make it to the Top 10, but I’ve got a long way to go for #1. I can definitely use the help!

  • Michelle

    This is awesome!!! Chris is a massive Rickey fan. HUGE. We went to Fanfest back in 2005 and he actually got to meet him which was amazing. I give myself all the credit since I got the Fanfest tickets. I’m going to show Chris your cousins blog and go over and vote for him too. Great picture!