how I loved Mrs. Pettigrew


We watch a lot of movies in our household. So many, in fact, that there’s a general ban on subscribing to HBO/Showtime/etc. because that may cause us to watch movies and only movies all the time. But a movie that slipped by during Oscar season two years ago appeared on our doorstep thanks to the Netflix fairy, and it was probably my favorite movie to watch in a quite a while.
You see, I adore silly movies. And Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day was just about as lovely and silly as I could imagine. It’s so completely frivolous and scandalous that I could stop beaming and giggling all the way through. And… I want Amy Adams blue hat now! It’s rare to find sweet movies to enjoy and laugh through on a Saturday night, but this one has climbed its way into the top of my “favorite movies” bin. You know, to balance out UHF and Clueless and Bridget Jones Diary. :) 


  • Carrie =)

    First, you bring back happy memories of SVH (can’t wait for the book) and then “Spatula City” from UHF. I love your taste, so I think I better check out this movie!
    =) Carrie

  • mina

    i thought this movie was one of the most charming ever. i love frances mcdormand and ciaran hinds. love them. speaking of great movies, i’m watching footloose on tv right now.