if you send mail–make sure your name is pretty!


Guess what just arrived by mail yesterday? My Three Designing Women stamp!!! I’ve wanted to get one forever, but just never pushed the ORDER button until I was finally compelled to do so a few weeks ago. And I love it! LOVE IT! (The irony is that I made one for a holiday exchange over 3 years ago for a friend… but didn’t make one for myself!)

I chose the design above and adore the BIG FAT M on the top of the stamp. Seems super important and classy all at the same time!

I think these are a wonderful wedding/housewarming present for your friends and family and will definitely be used and loved by all! The hardest part is really just deciding which one to order in the first place!

I’ve found that expressionery.com has the best coupon deals towards these stamps, so if you’re in the hunt for one, check out retailmenot.com for a recent coupon code to use!

For now, here’s two you can use today:

2011SAVE = 35% off of all purchases (expires 4/5/11)

SAVE4MOM = 30% off over $50, 35% off over $75 and 40% off purchases over $100 (expires 5/10/11)


Any other Three Designing Women fans out there?!?


  • abby

    I love your stamp!It definitely makes me want to get one just so that when I send something out I have a customized print on there. Definitely a great idea!

  • ABC

    I love these SO much, but I can’t bring myself to get one while I still live in apartment! Maybe one day when I have a bit more of a permanent residence…? I actually designed one for a friend of mine to use for her wedding, and it turned out super cute! One day I will have one with my name on it…One day…

  • ep

    Yup! I’ve done the same thing–created it, but never pushed the order button, though I ordered one for a friend and buy all kinds of other things from expressionary.com

    Very cool! Love it!