updating the french toast tradition


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I am most definitely NOT a Monday-Friday breakfast person. In fact, this morning’s breakfast was part of a crumbled pecan praline from our cooking class in New Orleans. I used to at least much on a breakfast bar or something, but most days I wait our my early work hours until I can grab something for lunch.

But my favorite “meal” is actually breakfast. Therefore, on weekends, I try my best to eat the most wonderful (and perhaps the most indulgent) breakfasts either at home or away. I think my fascination began after becoming completely addicted to my mom’s french toast recipe at a very early age. It’s the ooey-gooey type of french toast… so completely soaked and full of milk and egg that it’s still moist and soggy when you eat it. The only way to make it even better is by smothering it with butter and syrup…It’s what home and childhood taste time.

I’ll fully admit that I may have only attempted to make french toast on my own once in my life. I make pancakes all the time, but not the sacred and amazing french toast of my childhood. I guess I’m worried it won’t be as good… or I’ll mess up the recipe… but I’d really love to share that tradition of eating french toast on Saturdays and Sundays with Miss L!

Luckily though, I haven’t been going “without” my french toast indulgences despite my hesitance to make them on my own! Instead, I’ve just updated my tradition by sampling any amazing french toast that happens to pass by me on a Sunday brunch menu…

This week’s lucky winner?

Bananas Foster Pain Perdu courtesy of The Ruby Slipper Café in New Orleans!

Other recent (local) indulgences: amaretto french toast (Café Bernardo), black currant and walnut french toast (Shady Lady Saloon), and the always amazing famous french toast soaked in housemade custard at Tower Café.

The irony is that even though all of these fancy schmancy restaurant options are updates of the traditional recipe that I love so dearly, I still crave that mom-cooked french toast even more. Looks like I need to pay better attention and drink a full cup of coffee in the morning on the next visit home…


  • Laura

    Tower Cafe French Toast can’t be beat.. we always get it as an ‘appetizer’, didn’t know Shady Lady had French Toast!!

  • Michelle @ A Little P

    Oh, that looks so good – especially the bacon which I would dip in the syrup. I might have to make breakfast for dinner but my husband might not be too happy with me! But, I’m definitely pulling out all the breakfast stops this coming weekend – too bad it’s only Monday :)

  • serena @bigapplenosh

    Yum! It actually took me a while to warm up to French toast – when I was little I had it for years without syrup and wasn’t crazy about it. Then I discovered syrup and it was (obviously) a whole new thing! Yum. My fave was a PB&J French toast they used to serve at Disney World years ago – I don’t think they have it any more :(

  • Christi

    for me, french toast has to have nutmeg and Vermont maple syrup just like my mom made! funny how the dishes you grew up eating remain the ones you measure future dishes by!