a Saturday with Hugh


On Saturday, we escaped from the warmth of the valley to the foggy breeze of the city for a little bit of a theatre treat. Through a very random series of events, Hugh Jackman decided to debut a one-man show in San Francisco for a very limited engagement at the Curran. And the second I heard about it, I knew that we had to go!

Why? Well… because Hugh is pretty much the coolest guy in the whole world… that’s why? He can sing, dance, charm the pants off of gals (and guys) with that accent, is adorably witty, and he’s the most bad-ass comic book hero ever. If you ever play that game where you name what celebrity you’d like to be for a day with Mr. and I, his answer will always be Hugh. Wouldn’t you love to be able to jump between anything in Hollywood and Broadway in a single effortless bound? I thought so!

Anyhow, the show was a lot of fun and I’m sure everyone in the audience left a bit more in love with him than they were before… even the little old ladies that filled the matinee seats. In fact, I overheard one group of women say, “He wasn’t on the list before… but now he is #1.” And Mr. M, being the awesome musical-theatre/movie lover that he is, had a lot of fun too despite the overload of estrogen in that audience. Luckily there were two super gorgeous (and TALL!!!) dancing Broadway song girls to flank Hugh in many of the performances… I’m sure that helped the men a bit as well.

After the show, Mr. M ran out ahead of the crowd to grab me a spot at the stage door exit. And even though he rolled his eyes at me waiting there with my Playbill among the throngs of women (young and old), and ran across the street to Walgreens to buy me a pen, he waited patiently for me to get my autographs and photos.




My simple words to Mr. Jackman? “Thanks so much for coming to San Francisco – the show was so much fun!” Yeah… I’m a dork, but at least I spoke the truth.  And I’ve got a signed Playbill for the pile in the cabinet!