the new better homes and gardens (& something new for you too!)

And the winners are…


Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new magazine subscriptions!!!

Today marks the launch of the brand new Better Homes and Gardens website (bhg.com)… which is an incredible improvement over the old and dated site! When I’d want to share a recipe that I found in the magazine, I’d visit the website hoping to be able to point people to the drool-worthy photos on the site. Sadly, the pictures were so small and the site was so cumbersome to manage, I’d just stay away from linking and sharing.

But now… all of that is gone… and what’s left is a gorgeous new site with big pictures everywhere!


They’ve also integrated picture slideshows in all of their features, which is really convenient for finding inspiration for decorating, recipes or gardening. (p.s. seriously… their gardening sections are always so helpful!!!)

Decorating and Home Ideas2

My favorite new feature though? The fact that it will be updated daily! We’ve truly gotten to a place where static websites are a thing of the past, and I’m happy to see that magazines have picked up the pace and will be dynamic and changing online even though they only change monthly in my mailbox!

So what’s new for you then… other than having a great new place to hang out online?

Well, five lucky blog readers will be getting a full year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens!

Just leave a comment and share what advice/tips you’d be looking for on either BHG.com or in the magazine, and you’re entered to win!

I’ll pick the winners after 8pm on Sunday night… good luck!!


  • Allison

    As a new gardener, I’m always looking to BHG for suggestions for my climate zone (Maine has a loooong winter!) and suggested mixtures of plants to produce mixed blooming all summer. It’s really helped!

  • Megan

    Ooh, lovely – thank you! I’d be looking for recipes, and home decor tips I think. I tend to kill plants, but maybe the gardening section would rub off on me? ;)

  • Sarah G

    I look for home decor/DIY tips, but sometimes their old format was too tedious to load, and it was full of ads. I’m heading over to check out the updated site right now!

  • ABC

    Oh wow, I would LOVE a subscription! My husband I closed on our first house on Monday, so I’d basically be reading for any and every bit of information I could find! My grandmother was a prolific gardener, and I’m hoping I inherited her green thumb. I guess we’ll find out as I try my hand at the gardens at the new house!

  • MicheleLouise

    Gardening tips for sure. And landscaping ideas would be good too. I have such a black thumb but I still want the outside of our house to look nice, I just want it to be low maintenance.

  • stacey

    Definitely container gardening. My husband is quite amused by my inability to keep things alive, and I need to prove him wrong!! :)

  • Amanda

    I love looking at BHG for their beautiful inspiration! I’ve been dying to get a subscription, so winning one would be awesome!

  • Linh

    I love getting gardening & decorating tips. All the beautiful pics the in the magazine get my creative juices going!

  • SusieQTpies

    I love that website. I wish the yard & garden Fairy would pop in at my home!

    Stopping in to give your blog some love! Thank you for vising my blog during the Alexa Blog Hop! Come back each week and you will see the difference.

    I’m following you on GFC now! Have a great weekends. Susie

  • ep

    I used have a subscription years ago…a requirement in the south along with Southern Living. I’ve always liked their recipes and home decor suggestions.

  • fhoff

    Anything to make our house more of a home (from recipes, to gardening, to room decor and design)- great news about their updated recipe set up too! I used to read my mom’s old BH&G magazines on the weekends during our movie marathons.