ginger elizabeth chocolates

When we left LAlaland for Sac-Town, I really thought I had kissed good-bye to my beloved bakery boutiques. In fact I was even more disturbed when I learned that the macaroon craze had claimed Beverly Hills as its latest experimental ground… and that I would be missing out on these delectible treats.

Thank god for google in times of need… as it just so happened that an amazing little chocolate shop (which also sells yummy Parisian macaroons) had JUST opened up a few blocks from my office. I wasn’t expecting much… so I think my jaw dropped a bit when I went inside the shop for the first time.

It turns out that Ms. Ginger Elizabeth is no ordinary chocolate maker, but rather part of a special breed. She followed her dreams into pastry work on the recommendation (& scholarship support) of Julia Child and graduated top of her class at the CIA in NYC. She also worked with some of the world’s most famous chocolate Chocolatiers and just happened to return to Sacramento to be near her family.

Thank god for that, because I truly don’t know if I could go more than a week without indulging in one of her little treats. I also joked that I wanted to own my own bakery just so I could taste one of everything that’s there… since I have such a difficult time deciding what to get. I’m already hooked on the macaroons (chocolate & almond) and the hot chocolate should be banned from consumption during the work day. This week I’m going to start sampling the chocolate, with the passion fruit and palet d’or at the top of my list!

So, thank you Ginger. I think I’ll be able to survive without cupcakes now.